Upgraded LHCb tracking and its impact beyond b-physics


Tuesday, April 9, 2024
10:00 - 11:00


Starting from Run 3 of the LHC, the upgraded LHCb experiment is taking data with a trigger-less readout system. A fully software-based high-level trigger (HLT), split into two stages, selects the events with unprecedented flexibility. Developing such a system required a major re-design of track reconstruction software which is a core part of the HLT. On top of this, the new track-based trigger plays a vital role for the LHCb physics program. The new system allows massively expanding the physics reach beyond b-physics, in particular, in the area of direct searches for New Physics.

In my talk, I will summarise the track reconstruction developments for Run 3 with a focus on the track fit, which was previously a bottleneck at the HLT2 trigger. I will also discuss the LHCb searches for prompt and Long-Lived particles such as dark photons, and major improvements thanks to upgraded triggers together with the increasing role of the LHCb in the field. On top of this, I will show preliminary studies and considerations for the LHCb tracking for future Upgrade 2, where a complete revision of the trigger strategy is required due to extreme conditions of high-luminosity LHC.





Room number

top meeting room (H234d)




gravitational and astroparticle physics, high energy physics


Andrii Usachov (Nikhef)

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